Strategy Development Expert

One of our partners, the YIHR BiH, is looking for a strategy development expert to strengthen the work of YIHR BiH by providing strategic and facilitation support towards the development of an organisational strategy. Please, find here the Terms of Reference for this vacancy. Applications should be sent directly via mail to by May 2, 2019.

Conflict Sensitivity Consultant

One of our partners, Christian Aid, is looking for a consultant to support its efforts to enhance conflict sensitivity in its humanitarian work, in the Humanitarian Division centrally and in three pilot country programmes – Myanmar, DRC, and South Sudan. You can find here the Terms of Reference for this vacancy. Please submit a CV, cover letter and a one-page outline of which measures you would prioritise, by 3 May 2019, directly to with the subject heading ‘Conflict Sensitivity Support’ followed by your full name. Interviews are likely to be held towards the end of May 2019.